Bird toy review - JW Activitoy Fork, Knife, Spoon

It’s important to give your lovebird lots of activities to do. This way they won’t get bored when you are not able to play with them. With this JW Activitoy Fork, Knife, Spoon it will never be silent again. It has a shiny finish that is normally attractive to lovebirds. It has a bell that they will ring often … or might even use as a hat.

I had this toy before and Apache absolutely loved it. So I decided to purchase it again. However, before giving it to her, there were a few things I had to check and possibly replace or insure it wouldn't break. Let’s go over the pros and cons of this shiny and loud toy for birds.

  1. Plastic hanger
  2. The metal bell
    1. Lots of noise
  3. The fork, knife and spoon
    1. It’s secretly a foot toy and scratcher
  4. Price and quality
  5. Conclusion

Plastic hanger

The JW Activitoy Fork, Knife, Spoon comes with a plastic hanging system that does not lock. This is not ideal for every pet owner. The plastic isn’t very thick and can easily be bent and broken. While openings are small, they tend to bend and they might become bigger as your pet bird plays with it. 

The plastic hanging system of the JW Activity Fork, Knife, Spoon.
The plastic hanging system is not fit for my bird, so I will replace it.

To avoid having the toy fall to the bottom of the cage I will replace the plastic hanger with a stainless steel quick link from one of her older toys.

A stainless steel quicklink from a old bird toy that was shredded to pieces.
A quick link from an old toy that was shredded to pieces. If you have them, don’t throw them away. You can use them on other toys, which is what I will do here.

Plastic hanger

Replacing it with a stainless steel quick link you might have left from an old toy.

The metal bell

Lovebirds tend to destroy toys that are not strongly designed, which can be dangerous. This is why I check the clapper of every bell I give my lovebird. It must be thick, otherwise she could break it off at the end. 

The clapper in the bell of the JW Activitoy Fork, Knife, Spoon is strong enough for Apache's beak.
The clapper of the JW Activitoy Fork, Knife Spoon toy. It was strong enough not to be broken by my lovebird.

The end of the JW Activitoy Fork, Knife, Spoon clapper is thick and strong, as well as the ring it hangs on. This durability stopped Apache from destroying the bell last time and is one of the reasons I like this toy.

I have seen my lovebird use the bell in many different ways and she loves ringing it and sometimes even wears it as a hat. 

Lots of noise

Because the bell is metal, it is going to make a lot of noise and I do mean lots. So prepare yourself for that when you’ve giving your bird this specific toy, you might want some earplugs.

Not everyone likes this amount of noise. If you don’t, it is best to pick out something else. I personally don’t mind hearing my lovebird having fun with her toy.

Metal bell of which the end of the clapper is thick enough it is not easily destroyed.

Will make a lot of noise.

The fork, knife and spoon

The toy has a plastic fork knife and spoon that is much sturdier than the hanger. To bend it slightly I needed a lot of force.

Utensils on the JW Activitoy Fork, Knife, Spoon
Just look how shiny these utensils are. Your lovebird will not be able to resist.

These utensils hang on a small chain. It’s this chain you need to keep an eye on. Your lovebird might actually loosen the openings and the utensils might fall off, the end of the chain might too.

Since the chains are small, your bird might swallow it. Make sure the chains are properly connected on a daily basis, especially after your bird played with it. Tighten them as needed. Before giving it to Apache, I actually tightened the chain just in case.

The chains of the JW Activitoy Fork, Knife, Spoon
The chains interlock quite well, except for the end that holds the utensils. I will tighten this part with tools.

You could replace the chain with rope. Based on the ropes I have, I would go with hemp, as it is small enough to fit through the holes. For now I will keep the chain in till they become too lose, I will then replace the chain with rope.

Another thing to keep an eye on is the shiny paint layer on the utensils. It might come off after a while. If this starts happening, remove the toy. 

You could completely get rid of the layer of paint and then give it back, but it is possible, with the shininess gone, that your bird might no longer enjoy it as much.

It’s secretly a foot toy and scratcher

My bird actually uses this as a foot toy. She would grab onto the fork with her foot and use it to scratch the top of her head. The first time I saw this I couldn’t help but laugh at her antics and it shows just how intelligent these birds actually are.

This is the perfect toy for when you cannot give you lovebird head scratches.

Can be used as foot toy and head scratcher.

The chain might come loose and the paint might chip off.

Replace the chain with rope. Remove all paint when it starts to come off.

Price and quality

The JW Activitoy Fork, Knife, Spoon is one of the cheaper bird toys with a price under $10. This can be seen in the material that was used especially the hanging system and other plastic parts. For its price point the quality is decent and it will properly last a long time.

Once all the plastic material can no longer be used, you will still have a pretty good bell left. I still have the old bell from my first JW Activitoy Fork, Knife, Spoon that I bought. I like this because I can use these parts to make my own bird toys.

An used JW Activitoy Fork, Knife, Spoon.
This is what a used JW Activitoy Fork, Knife, Spoon looks like. Apache managed to get the fork and spoon off it. This was of course no longer in her cage.


For the price I paid for it, it is a decent toy. Keep in mind that this toy is cheap, which can be seen in its quality. The bell is sturdy though the plastic material is not always to everyone’s liking. 

You do need to keep an eye on it, but that is true for many bird toys. 

The material that is cheaper is more dangerous so keep an eye on it. The cheaper material is replaceable with safer options.

All in all, I like this toy as does my lovebird. Which is why I bought a new one, since she destroyed most of the old one. Another reason I bought it again is because she uses it as a foot toy. Something she doesn’t do with many toys, making this a great option for her. Lastly, she plays with this toy in many different ways, making it enjoyable to watch her as she plays.

The JW Activitoy Fork, Knife, Spoon.
The JW Activitoy Fork, Knife, Spoon.