Should I clip my lovebird’s wings?

Wing clipping is a controversial topic in the bird owner community. Learn all about the reasons for clipping a bird's wings and the effects it will have on your lovebird.

Help! My lovebird escaped its cage

Learn what to to avoid to keep your lovebird from escaping. I learned it the hard way.
bird toy types

What type of bird toys does a lovebird need?

Learn all about the functions of each bird toy type to enrich your lovebird's life.

Can a lovebird be housed with parakeets/budgies?

No, you shouldn't house parakeets with your lovebird. Learn why this is dangerous for you parakeet.

Why is my lovebird’s tail bobbing?

The tail bobbing of a lovebird can mean a lot of things; some good but most of them bad. Learn about why your lovebird is bobbing its tail and when you need to be worried about it.
Healthy food comic banner

Just birb things - Healthy food comic

My bird was a really fussy eater.

List of food you should not give your lovebird

Learn what food and liquids you shouldn't give your lovebird and food might be harmful when not prepared correctly.

A new Montana Madeira II bird cage for my lovebird

After a year of search for a new bird cage for Apache, I bought the Montana Madeira II. Learn about why I choose this cage and its specifications.

How to tame an older or scared lovebird

Training a scared or older lovebird isn't easy. Here are some tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Toy/perch review - Trixie natural living perch with rope

My lovebird likes chewing on ropes. The Trixie natural living perch comes with rope, but is it good for her?