Hormonal lovebird - What are the triggers?

Learn what triggers your lovebird’s hormonal behavior. For example; bobbing your head.

From bad bird toy to good bird toy

A bird toy DIY project. Removing the bad materials from my toy and changing it into something safe for Apache to play with.

The history of my lovebird Apache

Learn more about my adorable lovebird Apache. How I got her and how I discovered she was in fact a female.

A list of safe fruits, vegetables and more for lovebirds

Not all food is good for your lovebird. Here is a list of (healthy) food, such as fruits and vegetables, you can give your bird.

Hormonal lovebird - How to recognize?

Find out how to recognize if your lovebird is displaying hormonal behavior and when the mating season starts for your lovebirds.
Rope toys and perches

Are rope toys or perches safe for lovebirds?

You can find a lot of rope toys and perches in pet stores. Not every rope is safe for lovebirds. Find out what is safe to give your pet bird.

Does a lovebird need gravel or grit?

Grit is supposed to help your lovebird’s digestion, but is it really needed?