Plastic, RVS/stainless steel, ceramic or bamboo food dish

Learn how to pick the right food and water dishes for your lovebird.

Overgrown beak in lovebirds

Lovebird beaks keep growing. Learn how to recognize a healthy beak and what to do to prevent an overgrown beak.

Training your lovebird - Clicker recognition training

Start training your lovebird with clicker recognition training. Here is how.

Bird toy review - JW Activitoy Fork, Knife, Spoon

I will go over the pros and cons of the JW Activitoy Fork, Knife Spoon. A bird toy meant for smaller birds such as a lovebird.

Just birb things - drawings

A few drawings I created based on things I see my lovebird Apache do.

How to choose the best cage for a lovebird

Not every bird cage is a good one for a lovebird. Here is a list of what you need to look for, when picking out a bird cage.

Hormonal lovebird - What to do to help your feathered friend

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9 ways to get your lovebird to eat vegetables

Having problems with your lovebird eating vegetables? See if any of these tips help.

A list of safe and unsafe materials for your lovebird

A long list of safe and unsafe materials for your lovebird.

What species of lovebirds are there

Learn more about the 9 species of lovebirds and their subspecies. Which one is your favorite?